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Congratulations to Heidi Gavel, Liam Hill and Bradley Knockwood who came third in the 2023 Clam Harbour Beach Sandcastle Competition!
Sand sculpture of a dragonfly attacking a castle, with the third-place buoy trophy next to it.


Congratulations to David Lewis, Liam Hill, Jenna Campbell and Michael Smith (not in photo) who received best presentation awards from the Atlantic Reclamation Conference 2022!  (December 2022)
A group of people standing in a row with some holding certificates
Congratulations to Jillian Taylor who published her work with snapping turtles in the Proceedings of Nova Scotia Institute of Science (with cover art!). (September 2022).
Cover Page

Our first in-person SMU Research Expo since 2020! The DEEHR group present an update of our annual research projects at the SMU Research Expo. (April 29, 2022) Link to JPEG posterLink to PDF poster.
A group of four masked people standing by a research poster.  From L to R: Erin Francheville, Heidi Gavel, David Lewis (@DML_95) and Bradley Knockwood.

Congratulations to Lauren Gaudet who completed her Biology Honours thesis presentation "Bioaccumulation of Contaminants in Amphibians in Historical Gold
Mining Areas of Nova Scotia
."  Well done!  (April 11, 2021).

Lauren Gaudet received the best poster award at the the 51st Science Atlantic Biology Conference, hosted virtually by University of Prince Edward Island! (March 11 to 13, 2022).


(2021 was also a very busy year during an unprecedented global pandemic.  As a result, while our team achieved many milestones and completed projects, we were unable to keep this website updated as regularly as in previous years. A sampling of our 2021 media outreach can be found here.)
Congratulations to Michael Smith who completed his MSc thesis presentation "Using epiphytic lichens as biomonitors of atmospheric mercury and dust at a historical gold mine tailings site in Nova Scotia, Canada."  Michael started the project a year before the pandemic and completed all laboratory and data analyses during unprecedented pandemic conditions. Very well done! (August 18, 2021). 

Published!  A paleolimnology study looking at arsenic and mercury contamination and complex aquatic bioindicator responses in two Dartmouth lakes, Lake Charles & Loon Lake.  ArticleMedia coverage.
Graphical abstract showing how mining tailings can move downstream to contaminate lakes.

Partnership with Atlantic Mining NS announced! We will be carrying out a 5-year project to develop and test wetland remediation strategies at Saint Mary's University.  SMU-AMNS Press Release. (March 2, 2021)
Two women wearing lab coats and PPE in a lab setting looking at glassware


Dr. Linda Campbell is selected as the 2020 Professional of Distinction Discovery Awards for Science & Technology! SMU Press Release. (Nov 26, 2020)
Discovery Centre Professional of Distinction Award Announcement for Linda Campbell

Congratulations to Sarah Kingsbury who successfully completed her MSc thesis: "Predicting the distribution of the Chinese mystery snail, Cipangopaludina chinesis, a potentially invasive, non-indigenous species, in Atlantic Canada".  For her research, Sarah was awarded the 2020 Georgia Pe-Piper Medal for Excellence in the SMU Master of Science program. (July 14, 2020).

Congratulations to Meghan Fraser who completed her Environmental Honours thesis presentation "Ecological thresholds of the Chinese mystery snail (Cipangopaludina chinesis) in Nova Scotia environments."  This was done virtually at the early stages of a global pandemic. Well done! (April 16, 2020). 

The DEEHR group present an update of our annual research projects at the SMU Research Expo - just before we shifted to virtual operations! (March 6, 2020)
Two photographs showing the DEEHR team interacting at the SMU Research expo with two posters on legacy gold mine tailing contmainants and Chinese mystery snails


Congratulations to Molly LeBlanc who has just published her first MSc paper in Environmental Reviews!  (Nov 26, 2019)

Seminar at Wilfred Laurier University, Nov 8, 3:30 pm! Poster design by Tristan Long (Biology WLU).
 Painting of a yellow triangle with different layers showing components of DEEHR research on black background.
Published! Emily Chapman's paper on using local plants & low-dose Se treatments for potential remediation strategies is now out. Read online for free: https://rdcu.be/bP9M7.  95.7 radio interview: Link.
Dr. Chapman wearing a blue lab coat working on small pots of plant seedlings as a part of the published experiment.

Congratulations to Sarah Kingsbury for receiving the 3rd place award for her poster presentation at the International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species (ICAIS) 2019 in Montreal! You can see her poster here. (Oct 31 2019).
Two panel image, one with Sarah standing beside her ICAIS poster, next showing her 3rd place award certificate.

Congratulations to Molly LeBlanc for successful defense of her MSc thesis and the Georgia Pe-Piper Medal for Excellence in Applied Science! (May 2019).
4-photo array showing Molly LeBlanc holding up an award, doing lab & field work and giving a talk.

Congratulations to Brittany Hill for the successful completion & defense of her BES honours thesis & goldenrod art-science project! This was a challenging project and has resulted in beautiful work. (April 2019).
2-photo array of Brittany Hill presenting her honours thesis and showing her art-science project with goldenrods and a 3-d map of Montague in HRM.

The DEEHR group present an update of our annual research projects at the SMU Research Expo. (March 1, 2019). Link to our 2019 Poster.
Sarah, Linda, Brittany & Molly in front of the DEEHR Research Expo poster at Saint Mary's University


WhiteFeather Hunter joins our group to work on Prospective Futures: Aurelia Project as a part of her bioartist residency.  The project will bridge art and science to examine the impacts and "healing" of highly impacted legacy gold mine tailing sites in Nova Scotia. (Oct 2018).
WhiteFeather sampling a puddle in a contaminated legacy gold mine site while Brittany looks on.

Duncan Carruthers-Lay, our Clean Leadership Youth Intern, profiled in the latest Intern Spotlight! (PDF Link) (August 7, 2018)
JPEG of Clean NS profile for Duncan Carruthers-Lay. Link goes to readable PDF file.

Funding from NS Department of Natural Resources Innovation Program and NS Habitat Conservation Fund awarded! Those will support our ongoing invertebrate ecotoxicology & monitoring work to assess & test in-situ gold mine tailing remediation strategies. (June 1, 2018)
Emily & Molly in the lab, looking back to the camera, wearing blue coats

Course opportunity! ENVS 4480 Environmental Contaminants offered for the Fall 2018 term. Contact Dr. Linda Campbell if you're interested in taking this as a graduate or undergraduate course. Transfer credit may be possible.
Poster for ENVS 4480 Environmental Contaminants course at SMU. Contact Dr. Campbell if interested in taking this course in Fall.

'atulations to Molly LeBlanc who was voted People's Choice and placed 3rd for her presentation "Not All That Glitters: Assessing Environmental Effects of Abandoned Gold Mines" in the Three Minute Thesis Eastern Canada Regionals!  (April 18, 2018). Link to You-tube video.  Link to Transcript PDF.
Molly LeBlanc presenting her three minute thesis talk, with a slide of an abandoned gold mine impacted wetland above her.

Great presentations by Sarah Kingsbury and Molly LeBlanc on their MSc research at the Science Atlantic Environment Conference at Mount Allison!  (March 17, 2018)
Side-by-side photos of Molly Leblanc and Sarah Kingsbury presenting their work on aquatic invertebrates and snails respectively.

In honour of Great Lakes Day, the ASLO Limnology & Oceanography journal organized a virtual special issue for most influential L&O papers in relation to 17 great lakes of the world. French et al (2006)  focusing on 20-year contaminant trends for salmon was among those selected for Lake Ontario. (March 6, 2018).

Well done, DEEHR team, for pitching our research at the SMU Research Expo! Link to our research projects poster (jpg). (March 2018)
Four people (Sarah, Emily, Anabelle, Shane) standing in front of research posterThumbnail of SMU Research Expo Poster 2018. If an accessible version is needed, please email Linda Campbell.

Linda Campbell visits Swarthmore College to give the 2018 Luce Initiative on Asian Studies and the Environment public lecture. (March 1, 2018)
Thumbnail of the LAISE Public Lecture poster

Welcome to our two new SLCC Biotechnology interns, Anabelle Lamothe and Shane Dalton and our returning SMUworks student Nimisha Grover! It's going to be an exciting term! (January 2018)


Congratulations to a DEEHR alumni, Dr. Sae Yun Kwon who is now a faculty member in the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Pohang Science and Technology University, South Korea! (Nov 11, 2017)

Congratulations to a DEEHR alumni, Dr. Roxanne Razavi, who is now a faculty member at State University of New York, Environmental Science & Forestry!  (Sept 1, 2017)

Two major funding awards for our gold mine contaminants research from Nova Scotia Habitat Conservation Fund & Environment Canada & Climate Change National Wetlands Conservation Fund. Now the real work starts! (June 2017)

Three people walking through a wetland

Molly LeBlanc is having a great week! Congratulations to Molly on getting 2nd place in the Three Minute Thesis at SMU! (March 31, 2017).

Congratulations to Molly LeBlanc for her manuscript "A Literature Review on the Ecotoxicology and Species-Specific Effects of Contaminated Historical Gold Mine Sites within Nova Scotia" being selected for First Prize in the 2017 NSIS Science Writing Contest! (March 23, 2017)

Molly with NSIS First Place Essay Certificate at the Natural History Museum

Emily Chapman and Molly LeBlanc co-presented the DEEHR group's research at the 2017 SMU Research Expo on March 3, 2017. View our DEEHR group poster (jpeg).

Molly presenting the 2017 DEEHR Poster at the SMU Research Expo.

Congratulations to Romina Juncos who published her paper showing links between declining silver pollution and global changes in photographic processing for Lake Nahuel Huapi. Link to paper. (Feb 14, 2017)
Graphical abstract showing changes in silver cycling before and after film processing industrial changes

The Atlantic Provinces Sign Language Place Name Project has been launched! Check out the maps, learn a few MSL and ASL names for Maritimes cities and towns.  Link to Project & Media mentions. (January 30, 2017)
Screen capture of Atlantic Provinces Sign Language Place Name Project map & video


Congratulations to Molly LeBlanc and Dr. Emily Chapman who both received the CLRA Atlantic Chapter Scholarship Award for their presentations at ARC 2016! (Nov 10, 2016)
Molly with her ARC 2016 poster

Dr. Emily Chapman invited  to present at the Mining Industry Research Connector event at the NL Mineral Resources Review meeting in St. John's, NFLD. (Nov 2, 2016).

A new page has been developed for our gold mine contaminant research initative. Check it out! Link.

Dr. Linda Campbell is interviewed on Science Files about environmental science. The transcript is just out! [Aug 13, 2016; Sept 12, 2016]
SMU Science Files logo

Congratulations to Dr. Emily Chapman who has just published the results of our 2015 NSERC Engage project in Water, Air, and Soil Pollution! (May 30, 2016).

Molly LeBlanc will be joining the DEEHR group to begin research on contaminated wetlands associated with historical gold mine fields in Nova Scotia. Welcome! (April 28, 2016)

Congratulations to Julianne Robinson who received a Dean of Science Research Award for her summer research in DEEHR! (April 20, 2016)

Dr. Linda Campbell will be presenting an update on mercury & contaminants in Nova Scotia freshwater fish on March 4, 2016. See poster for details.
Link to School of Environment Seminar Poster

On Friday Feb 26, SMU held their annual Research Expo. Here's our DEEHR project poster for that event.
Link to the DEEHR SMU Research Expo Poster 2016
Dr. Emily Chapman will be presenting the results of her study looking at low-dose selenium additives on reducing mercury & arsenic risk from historical gold mine tailing material on Friday Feb 26, 2016. See poster for details!
Emily Chapman's Seminar Poster Link to JPEG file


Congratulations to Romina Juncos who has just published her work on natural arsenic in an aquatic food web before and after a major volcanic eruption. (Nov 20, 2015).

Graphical abstract showing pathways of As from volcano to lake food web

The paper "Biomagnification of mercury in aquatic food webs: a worldwide meta-analysis" by Lavoie et al (2013) was recognized by Web of Science as a Highly Cited Paper for being among the top 1% cited papers in its field (ENVIRONMENT/ECOLOGY) as of May/June 2015. (Nov 2015)

Congratulations to Julianne Robinson who has receieved a SMU Academic Achievement Scholarship for her high GPA!

Julianne Robinson is on the cover of the Society of Canadian Limnologists' Fall 2015 newsletter.  Link to PDF of newsletter on SCL website (Oct 26, 2015).
Thumbnail of SCL Connect Oct 2015 newsletter cover

An overview of the summer research carried out by Gallaudet Biology intern, Amberlin Hines and Dr. Linda Campbell at SMU has been published in the Maroon & White SMU alumni magazine. Link to PDF of article. (Oct 20, 2015)

Maroon & White profile of Amberlin & Dr. Campbell
Dr. Campbell has started a list of useful aquatic environments videos. Do pass along any good videos and animated GIFs if you know of any! Link. (Sept 2, 2015),

Paper on mercury in archived little bat fur from across Atlantic Canada now out. Free reprints available until Oct 21, 2015. (Sept 1, 2015).

After discussion, we have changed our laboratory group name to "Dynamic Environment & Ecosystem Health Research" from "Aquatic Ecosystem Health Research Laboratory" to more accurately reflect our range of research interests and projects. (June 18, 2015).

Dr. Roxanne Razavi, an AEHL alumnus, will be working as a research postdoctoral fellow at the Finger Lakes Institute (Hobart & William Smith Colleges) in New York. Congratulations and best wishes!

Congratulations to Jocelyn Kickbush for her successful defense of her honours thesis on arsenic, selenium & mercury in Nova Scotia fish! (April  16, 2015)
Jocelyn Kickbush Thesis Poster

Just in! We have been awarded an NSERC Engage Grant to work with Amec Wheeler Foster on an innovative remediation project to try to find a way to reduce bioavailability and toxicity of mercury and arsenic in mining wastes. Dr. Emily Chapman will be leading this project (March 30, 2015).
Mining Waste

Carolyn Stevens, who completed her honours thesis in the AEHL in 2014, has landed an MES Sustainability internship with Clearwater Seafoods.

Our work looking at mercury in little brown bat maternity colonies across Nova Scotia and its relationships with water acidity is out! http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/es5050375. (January 15, 2015)
Little Brown Bat on a thumb

Roxanne Razavi has published her research looking at fish mercury biomagnification trends in reservoirs across an eutrophication gradient in China. http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/lno.10036 (January 30, 2015)


Raphael Lavoie's latest paper on using isotopes to track overwintering sites of fish-eating Great Lakes birds to identify regions of mercury exposure now out. http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/es502813t (December 16, 2014).
Lavoie et al ES&T visual abstract

Congratulations to Dr. Raphael Lavoie and Dr. Roxanne Razavi who convocated with their PhD degrees (and fancy gowns)! (Nov 2014)
Roxanne and Raphael at Fall 2014 Queen's Convocation

Data give-away! The standardized yellow perch Fish Mercury Datalayer for Canada (FIDMAC) now available. Request form here; Metadata here. (November 14, 2014)

Linda Campbell presents the group's latest research at the SETAC North America Conference in Vancouver (November 10-14). One of the presentations is linked here: http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1243183

Raphael Lavoie's latest paper on the role of Great Lakes aquatic migratory birds and mercury contaminants is now out! (November 7, 2014) http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/es502746z.

Lavoie et al EST 2014 Visual Abstract

Roxanne Razavi's latest PhD paper is now in print! Read about mercury, selenium & fatty acids in Bighead Carp from reservoirs of eastern China.  http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2014.08.019. (Sept 2 2014)

The AEHL 1-pager on common mistakes in stable isotope ecology terminology has been published to FigShare: http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1150337 (August 26 2014)

Many congratulations to Dr. Roxanne Razavi who successfully defended his PhD thesis "Mercury Biomagnification  in Subtropical Reservoirs of Eastern China" at Queen's University on June 24 2014!

Many congratulations to Dr. Raphael Lavoie who successfully defended his PhD thesis "Mercury Biotransport via Migratory Birds and Food Web Biomagnification Influenced by Geospatial Patterns" at Queen's University on June 23 2014!

Congratulations to Carolyn Stevens who successfully defended her SMU ENVS honours thesis in April and graduated in May! (May 16, 2014)
Carolyn getting her ENVS degree.

Congratulations to Laura Gibson who just had her honours thesis work on gene expression and mercury in double-crested cormorants accepted by Ecotoxicology! http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10646-014-1243-5. (April 8, 2014)

Linda Campbell carrying out field research in Nahuel Huapi National Park, Patagonia Argentina with Marina Arcagini and Romina Juncos. Stay tuned for more updates on volcanic sources of trace metal contaminants to lake food webs! (Feb 2014)


Congratulations to Roxanne Razavi who just published her first China food web biomagnification paper! Link to paper. (Dec 16, 2013)

Congratulations to Dr. David Depew for acceptance of his next CARA National Sportfish Mercury Project paper in ES&T! http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/es403534q. (Oct 28, 2013)

Congratulations to Raphael Lavoie who just had his first ES&T paper accepted!  http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/es403103t. (Oct 23, 2013)

Environment Canada releases a summary of the CARA Sportfish Mercury Project which David Depew has been working on for his postdoctoral work. Link.  (Sept. 2013)

Thumbnail of Yellow Perch Estimated Mercury

Carolyn Stevens and Dr. Linda Campbell will be presenting Nova Scotia research at the Aquatic Toxicity Workshop 2013. in Moncton, NB. (October 2013)

Dr. David Depew's overview CJFAS paper among the most read papers in the journal. Link to the list. (Sept 2013)

Congratulations to Raphael Lavoie for his Ontario Graduate Scholarship for 2013-2014!

Dr. Linda Campbell, Raphael Lavoie and Roxanne Razavi presented their work at the International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant in Edinburgh, Scotland.  (July 2013)

Congratulations to Chris Baird for his successful MSc defense! (May 24, 2013)

Chris Baird presents his research on "
Mercury biomagnification trends near and away from contaminated sites in the St. Lawrence River." at the Queen's Biological Research Station (May 15, 2013)

Congratulations to Laura Gibson for her successful BIOL 537 Honours Thesis defense! (April 2013)

Roxanne Razavi's Queen's Limnology Seminar "Eutrophication and mercury dynamics: insights from reservoirs in subtropical China" (April 9, 2013)

Raphael Lavoie's Queen's Limnology Seminar "Migratory fish-eating birds and food web biomagnification: a spatial analyses of mercury" (Feb 13, 2013)

John Poulopoulos has successfully completed his PhD thesis.  Congratulations, Dr. Poulopoulos! (Jan 2013).

Dr. David Depew's overview CJFAS paper on developing a database for sportfish mercury across Canada is now out.  Link to abstract. (Jan 2013)


Mapping Great Lakes stressors: PNAS paper out (open access): Link.  More information at the GLEAM website (Dec 17, 2012).
GLEAM Great Lakes Stressors map

Roxanne Razavi has had her MSc paper accepted for publication in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (November 2012).

Many congratulations to Dr. Jorge Revenga who completed the last of his PhD thesis requirements at Universidad Nacional del Comahue with an "aprobado, distinguido" evaluation (Nov 9, 2012).

Jorge Revenga's poster "Trophodynamicsof chromium, cobalt and arsenic in fish from North Patagonian lakes." has been recognized as the best poster in its subject area at the IV Congreso SETAC Argentina. Congratulations! (October 2012).

Congratulations to AEHL Alumnus, Didi Allen, who was just hired by SNC Lavalin in BC to work on contamination remediation projects. (Oct 2012).

Marina Arcagni has had her paper accepted for publication in Limnologica (August 2012).

Raphael Lavoie has been awarded a significant SETAC Travel & Registration Award for the North American SETAC 2012 Meeting in California. (August 2012).

Dr. David Depew was recognized as an emerging young scientist to watch by the Journal of Great Lakes Research and the International Association for Great Lakes research. Congratulations! (July 2012).

Dr. David Depew's first Clean Air Regulatory Agenda manuscript is in print in Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry.  More to come soon! (July 2012)

Dr. Reyam Naji is profiled on the Saint Mary's University website for her work in the AEHL laboratory. (June 2012).

Raphael Lavoie has been awarded the internal Senator Frank Carrel Fellowship at Queen's University.

Roxanne Razavi has been awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship for her final year of PhD. Congratulations! (May 2012)


Dr. Reyam Naji joins the AEHL Laboratory at Saint Mary's University as an UNESCO - L'Oreal Fellow. She will be working on metals and mercury contamination in the southern Iraqi Marshes region (September 2011)

Congratulations to Raphael Lavoie for being awarded the NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Scholarship for 2011-2013!

Congratulations to Eric DeLong for a successful MSc defense! (Sept 8, 2011)

The AEHL members attend the International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant in Halifax. Many good talks and posters to come!  (July 2011)

Dr. Linda Campbell moves to a new position at Saint Mary's University in Halifax (July 2011). She will remain affiliated with Queen's University as adjunct faculty.

Raphael Lavoie mentioned in the Society of Canadian Ornithologists PICOIDES bulletin for his Fred Cooke research award. June 2011.

Roxanne Razavi has been awarded a prestigious IDRC Doctoral Research Award to support her field research in China. June 2011.

Welcome SWEP'ers, Michele Parisen and Tori Donovan, to the AEHL research group. May 2011.

Raphael Lavoie has been awarded a 2011 Paul A. Stewart Award ($500) by the Wilson Ornithological Society. (March 2011)

Dr. Linda Campbell has just returned from her one-month field work in southern Argentina! (March 2011).

Jorge Revenga has his paper accepted in Chemosphere (January 2011).

Raphael Lavoie has had his SETAC Learned Discourses article accepted (January 2011)


Raphael Lavoie has been awarded a significant SETAC travel award for the SETAC 2010 conference in Portland OR. (Sept 2010)

Raphael Lavoie, a FQRNT scholarship holder,  has been offered an Ontario Graduate Scholarship, as well as had his FQRNT renewed. Contgratulations! (June 2010)

Dr. Linda Campbell is one of the 2009 Canada's Top 40 under 40TM Awardees (June 7 2010). PDF Link.

Roxanne Razavi has been awarded a CoPEH-Can EcoHealth Graduate Award for the EcoHealth Short Course in Montreal. (April 22 2010)

Roxanne Razavi has been awarded a Queen's Graduate Dean's Travel Grant for Doctoral Field Research. (April 10 2010)

Mercury in the Cataraqui River: Nathan's project gets media attention in Kingston. Link.. (March 2010)

Nathan Manion and Eden Siwik had their papers accepted in Science of the Total Environment and in Environmental Pollution respectively. (March 2010)


Tian Fang successfully defended her MES thesis on Dec 7, 2009. Congratulations!

Shannon LeBlond successfully defended her MSc thesis on Sept 18, 2009. Congratulations!

Eden Siwik's paper Fine-scale mercury trends in temperate deciduous tree leaves from Ontario, Canada) from her MSc research was just accepted for publication in the Science of the Total Environment. (August 2009).

Jorge Revenga & the Campbell Laboratory has been awarded an Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) fellowship to visit Queen's University and carry out research us for 4 months this fall. Welcome! (July 2009) 

Roxanne Razavi has been awarded the E.G. Bauman fellowship from Queen's University. Congratulations! (July 2009).

The IAGLR Canada Team won their second consective international hockey tournament against the IAGLR USA Team, with Shannon LeBlond and Kristin Norris playing for Canada (May 2009).

Sae Yun Kwon has been awarded the NSERC Queen's University Reps Prize - Best Poster for her undergraduate thesis poster at the "Inquiry@Queen's" Undergraduate Conference (March 2009)

2008back to top

Roxanne Razavi successfully defended her MSc thesis on Dec 15, 2008. Congratulations!

Dr. Linda Campbell quoted in the front-page Kingston Whig-Standard article "Getting the Lead Out" (November 2008).

Estelle D'Souza successfully defended her MES thesis on Sept 12, 2008. Congratulations! (Sept 2008)

Roxanne Razavi has been awarded a Canada-China Scholars' Exchange Award by the China Scholarship Council to study in China (July 2008).

Nikisha Grant will be giving the Alumni Address at the Spring 2008 Convocation at St. Lawrence College (June 12 2008).

The IAGLR Canada Team won 6-5 in overtime against the IAGLR USA Team, with  Shannon LeBlond playing for Canada (May 2008).

Thank you to the Environmental Studies under

 who voted Dr. Linda Campbell as the "outstanding ENSC prof of the year"! (March 2008).

Jon Martin has been awarded the NSERC Queen's University Reps Prize - Best Poster for his undergraduate thesis (BIOL537) poster "Bioaccumulation and depuration of mercury in amphipods from a contaminated site" at the campus-wide "Inquiry@Queen's" Undergraduate Conference (March 2008).

The Campbell Laboratory has been awarded a significant Graduate Students' Exchange Program award, which will be used to support Marina Arcagni's visit from Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Bariloche, Argentina (March 2008).  Marina will be working with the Campbell Laboratory from April to September 2008. Welcome!

Dr. Campbell will be co-instructing a new field course (BIOL 407/848) in northeastern Argentina with Drs. Lougheed and Tubaro (Feb 2008).

2007 back to top

Liz Hatton successfully defended her MSc thesis on Dec 17, 2007. Congratulations! (Dec 2007).

Eden Siwik successfully defended her MSc thesis on Dec 7, 2007. Congratulations! (Dec 2007).

Nathan Manion successfully defended his MSc thesis on Oct 29, 2007.  Congratulations! (Nov 2007).

Eric DeLong presented his MSc progress "Mercury, mercury, wherefore art thou distributed in fish tissue across Ontario, mercury? OR, Analysing a long-term environmental dataset: Fish tissue mercury burden trends in Ontario" in the Biology BEERS Seminar Series on Oct 31, 2007.

Nathan Manion presented his MSc research "Determining the distribution, sources, and fate of mercury in sediment in the Cataraqui River at Kingston, Ontario" in the ENSC Seminar Series on Oct 11 2007.

At the ATW, Nathan Manion won the prize for the largest powerpoint file size! (Oct 2007). 

The Campbell Laboratory will be attending the Aquatic Toxicology Workshop (ATW) in Halifax to present our results (Oct 2007). Lab road trip!

Liz Hatton presented her research "The Role of Invasive Bythotrephes in Lake Food Webs and Mercury Trophic Transfer to Fish" in the Limnology Seminars on Sept  26, 2007.

Eden Siwik presented her thesis research in a seminar "Eat Wood, Not Leaves! Or, Dendrochronological and microspatial comparisons of mercury in Ontario deciduous trees" in the ENSC Seminar Series on Sept 20, 2007.

Dr. Linda Campbell has been awarded the Early Researcher Award from the Ontario Ministry of Innovation. The award is to support innovative graduate and postdoctoral research (August 2007).

Lib Yanch successfully defended her MSc on June 27, 2007.  Congratulations! (June 2007).

Estelle D'Souza and Roxanne Razavi have been awarded significant Ontario Graduate Scholarships for 2007-08 (April 2007).

John Poulopoulos has been awarded a Queen's Graduate Dean's Travel Grant for Doctoral Field Research (in full) for field work in 2007 (March 2007).

Dr. Linda Campbell has been awarded the Chancellor's Research Award from Queen's University. The award is to support innovative graduate research (Jan 2007).

2006 back to top

Eric DeLong, Liz Hatton, Nathan Manion, Roxanne Razavi and Lib Yanch have been awarded significant Clemens-Rigler travel awards for the 2007 SCL / CCFFR meeting in Montreal. (Dec 2006).

Roxanne Razavi and Lib Yanch have been awarded Society of Toxicology & Environmental Chemistry travel awards for the  2006 SETAC meeting. (Aug and Sept 2006)

Eric DeLong and John Poulopoulos have been awarded significant Mercury 2006 Conference travel awards to support attendence at this prestigious conference. (July 2006)

John Poulopoulos has been awarded the International Association of Great Lakes Research Scholarship. (May 2006)

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