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Historical gold mine tailings
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Linda At Work
Dr. Linda Campbell
Full Professor & Senior Research Fellow in Aquatic Ecosystem Health
Multi-disciplinary approaches to improve our understanding of anthropogenic and natural impacts in the environment, with focus on aquatic ecosystems.
(Past position: Canada Research Chair in Aquatic Ecosystem Health at Queen's University)

Staff & Researchers

Emily wearing a lab coat and gloves, holding up some glass vials for closer look.
Dr. Emily Chapman (Senior Project Research Manager)
Saint Mary's University
Research: Developing reactive admendment - protective capping (RAPC) systems for remediation of legacy gold-mine tailing-contaminated wetlands Nova Scotia
Program manager for interdisciplinary project: "Developing an in-situ risk management strategy for enhancing natural recovery of highly contaminated gold-mine-tailing impacted wetlands."
Heidi at Work in front of biosafety cabinet in white lab coat, with bright red background
Heidi Gavel
Saint Mary's University
Research Technician and Project Coordinator
Investigations into remediation technologies for gold-mine-tailing-impacted wetlands in Nova Scotia.
Aquatic Invertebrate culturing and maintenance expertise.

A man wearing field clothing holding a zooplankton net standing on a dock in a boreal lake Dr. Branaavan Sivarajah (Postdoctoral Fellow & Research Associate)
Mount Allison University & Saint Mary's University
With Dr. Joshua Kurek and ECAB Lab (Mount Allison).
Paleolimnological analyses of lakes impacted by historical gold mine tailing materials in Nova Scotia.
MITACS Accelerate Fellow, NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship (based at Mount Allison University)
Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.ca/citations?user=Q3a_qQMAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao.
Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Branaavan-Sivarajah.

Research Team Members
Madison wearing a lifejacket in a canoe, holding up a crayfish
Madison Bond
Saint Mary's University (Environmental Science)
MSc App Sci candidate
Potentially invasive crayfish species in the Maritimes
Collaboration with DFO Aquatic Invasive Species
Jenna wearing waders and fleece jacket in a river, holding a fishing rod Jenna Campbell
Saint Mary's University (Environmental Science)
Summer research technician & honours research
Clean Foundation summer internship (2021), SMUWorks Work-study (2021-22)
Honours thesis research on using Diffusive Gradient Thin-films (DGT) to assess mobility of arsenic and mercury in contaminated sediments. (co-supervised with Dr. Emily Chapman)
Icon of a scientist as a placeholder
Enobong Charles
Saint Mary's University (Environmental Science)
MSc App Sci candidate
Assessing freshwater pickerelweed and other macrophyes as biomonitors and bioindicators of contaminants and effectiveness of RAPC treatments.
A lady with long brown hair wearing field clothing holding a ziploc bag with water sample
Erin Francheville
Saint Mary's University (Environmental Science)
MSc App Sci (2024) candidate
Impacts of invasive chain pickerel and other fish predators on vulnerable and species-at-risk aquatic biota.
Collaboration with DFO Aquatic Species At Risk.
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Liam Hill
Saint Mary's University (Chemistry)
Research & Design Technician
Designing field & laboratory experimental apparatus and conducting laboratory analyses. 
A man sitting on a edge of a small boat wearing lifejacket and ball cap, sunset on a lake behind him Bradley Knockwood
Saint Mary's University (Geography)
Freshwater Research Technician
Clean Foundation summer internship (2021, 2022, 2023), Nature Canada Work-to-Grow Intern (2021-22)
Directed Studies Research Project: Mapping the History of Waverley Gold Mine District.
Profile photo for David M. Lewis David Lewis
Saint Mary's University, co-supervised with Dr. Joyce McBeth (U of Regina) & Dr. Emily Chapman (SMU)
PhD App Sci. (Environmental Science)
MITACS Accelerate Fellowship Holder.
Geochemistry of arsenic in wetland sediments and water before and after remediation.
Collaboration with St Barbara Ltd.
A young woman wearing raincoat and waders standing in a stream.
Lauren MacDonald
Saint Mary's University (Environmental Science)
Research Assistant (Fall 2023) and MSc App Sci (co-supervised with Dr. Emily Chapman)
Freshwater mussels as bioindicators and biomonitors of contaminants and effectiveness of RAPC treatments.
Seychelle wearing waders, standing a wetland and smiling
Seychelle Murray
Saint Mary's University (Geology)
Research Summer Intern & honours research
Research project: using mXRF and SEM-EDX to assess mineralogy of arsenic in wetland sediments with and without RAPC treatments (co-supervised with Dr. Erin Adlakha, SMU GEOL)
A young man wearing waders and long yellow gloves holding a sediment core
Samuel Sequeira
Saint Mary's University (Biology)
Research Summer Intern & honours research
The use of caged chironomids and amphipods to assess ecotoxicology and bioaccumulation in contaminated wetlands. (co-supervised with Dr. Emily Chapman)
A long-haired person in front of a lichen covered tree trunk, wearing safety vest and harness
Delbert Swinemar
Saint Mary's University (Environmental Science)
MSc App Sci (2023), co-supervised with Darrin Reid.
Impacts of invasive chain pickerel on food webs in the lakes of Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site.
Collaboration with Parks Canada.

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Red Chalk Lake at dawn by E Hatton
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