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The links below are organized into several categories. If you are interested in research or graduate studies with the Dynamic Environment & Ecosystem Health Research Laboratory at SMU, then check out the "Research & Opportunities" page.

Saint Mary's University

  • Directions to SMU Campus and offices.
  • Saint Mary's University
  • Halifax Regional Municipality
  • Environmental Science
  • Faculty of Science
  • Graduate Studies & Research
  • SMU Deaf Academics & Interpreters
  • Nova Scotia & Maritimes datasets & maps

    NS Geochemical Atlas. Link.
    NS Watersheds interactive map viewer. Link.
    NS Groundwater interactive map viewer. Link.
    NS forest ecotypes & landscapes (wetland layer is under the "Wildlife" category). Link.
    NS lake inventory bythometry maps. Link.
    NS lake inventory interactive map viewer. Link.
    NS surface water quality datasets & maps. Link and Link.
    NS Freshwater fish species distribution records. Link.
    NS Fish Hatchery Stocking Records. Link.
    NS Smallmouth and Chain Pickerel Tournaments. Link.
    Atlantic Data Stream open access data hub. Link.
    Nature Conservacy Canada Stream & River Classification. Link.
    Nature Conservacy Northeast USA Aquatic Habitats Classification. Link.
    DataONE Community Repository. Link.
    Nova Scotia Geomatics Maps Link page. Link.

    Nova Scotia & Maritimes freshwater organizations, training & resources:

    NSLC Adopt A Stream (includes training opportunities & resources). Link.
    Nature Conservacy of Canada Stream & River Classification team & background: Link.
    Atlantic Data Stream Community. Link.
    Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network (CABIN). Link.
    Atlantic Salmon Federation. Link.
    Sackville Rivers Association (Bedford NS). Link.
    Banook Area Residents Association (Dartmouth NS). Link.
    Oathill Lake Conservation Society (Dartmouth NS). Link.
    Williams Lake Conservation Company (Halifax NS). Link.
    Eastern Charlotte Waterways (ECW), NB. Link.

    Online & open-access tools & resources for data, illustrations & graphs:

    • Phylopics: Link.
    • Biorender: Link.
    • IAN Watersheds imaging tools: Link.
    GIS & Mapping
    Data analyses:
    • R Statistical Computing: Link.
    • R studio: Link.

    Mercury, metals and contaminants in the environment 

  • Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment
  • World Health Organization -- Environmental Health Criteria publications
  • Health Canada Handbook for Exposure Calculations PDF's: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
  • Health Canada Community Handbook PDF's: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.
  • The Guide to Eating Ontario Sportfish: Guide, Map, Database.
  • US EPA's "Mercury in the Environment" resource website.
  • Historical gold mines of Nova Scotia.
  • GSC Open File: Environmental geochemistry of tailings, sediments and surface waters collected from 14 historical gold mining districts in Nova Scotia. Parsons et al. 2012.
  • Nova Scotia Geochemical Atlas. Link.
  • Stable isotopes 

  • Common Mistakes in Stable Isotope Terminology & Phraseology: Link to FigShare chart.
  • Good Practice Guide for Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry. 2011. PDF.
  • Good review of stable isotopes in aquatic systems:  PDF.
  • IAEA Manual for Use of Stable Isotopes in Entomology (enrichment studies & natural abundances). PDF. (very useful for aquatic SIA studies)
  • IAEA Application of isotope techniques for assessing nutrient dynamics in river basins. PDF.
  • IsoEcol International Conference on Application of Isotope Techniques to Ecological Studies.
  • Fish

  • FishBase: Searchable Global Database
  • Annotated checklist of Fishes of Canada
  • Fishes of Nova Scotia (Note: old document!).
  • Freshwater Fishes of New Brunswick. Link.
  • Fishes of Neuquen, Patagonia, Argentina PDF file.
  • DFO primer on identifying and protecting Ontario baitfish (good ID guide for small fish species, includes common species found across Canada): PDF file.
  • DFO Guide to FIsh parasites of Canada (PDF files).
  • Part 1. Monogenea & Turbellaria.
  • Part 2. Crustacea.
  • Part 3. Acanthocephala & Cnidaria.
  • Part 4. Trematoda.
  • Osteological Atlas of the Brown Bullheads) from Nova Scotia Waters. PDF file.
  • Invertebrates

  • Freshwater Mussels of Nova Scotia Museum Curatorial report. Link. PDF file.
  • Freshwater Mussels of Maritime Canada: A Flashcard Guide. New Brunswick Museum. Link. PDF file.
  • Nice flowchart for identifying major groups of freshwater macroinvertebrates. (SLRIES) PDF.
  • Lakes & limnology

  • Bathymetric maps of Nova Scotia lakes.
  • Nova Scotia lake chemistry & morphology reports & datasets.
  • List of online aquatic environments videos & GIFs.
  • Invasive species

  • The World Conservation Union (IUCN) - Invasive Species Specialist Group
  • The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
  • Nova Scotia Invasive Species Identification Guide. PDF.  For more information and the French version of this guide, go to: http://merseytobeatic.ca/projects-invasive-species.php.
  • Dendrochronology & tree research

  • The Ultimate Tree Ring Website
  • The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research (U of Arizona)
  • Primer on bristlecone dendrochronology

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    - NS & Maritimes data & maps
    - NS & Maritimes freshwater organizations
    - Online analytical & illustration tools
    - Mercury, metals & contaminants
    - Stable isotopes
    - Fish
    - Invertebrates
    - Lakes
    - Invasive species
    - Dendrochronology

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