Dynamic Environment & Ecosystem Health Research

Dr. Linda Campbell 
Senior Research Fellow
Environmental Science
Saint Mary's University
K’jipuktuk, Mi’kma’ki, the Ancestral Territory of the Mi’kmaq People
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Email: LM.Campbell at smu.ca
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Welcome to the Dynamic Environment & Ecosystem Health Research website!

In times of increasing human population density and intensifying demands on our natural resources, aquatic ecosystems remain among our most precious global assets. Anthropogenic ("caused by humans") impacts and environmental sustainability will become increasingly important socially, economically and politically. Our research will integrate multiple approaches from diverse fields such as environmental chemistry, aquatic ecology, fish biology and population health. Our ultimate goal is to improve our understanding of the fate and effects of anthropogenic and natural toxicants in aquatic ecosystems and the way humans interact with aquatic environments.

The Dynamic Environment & Ecosystem Health Research group carries out research and assessment of both aquatic and contaminated ecosystems across Canada and world-wide. Check out the links on the left for details on what we do.

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CBC NS media coverage of the RFP for Montague and Goldenville legacy gold mine tailing assessments with Dr. Campbell. (Oct 13, 2018)  Link.

WhiteFeather Hunter joins our group to work on Prospective Futures: Aurelia Project as a part of her bioartist residency.  The project will bridge art and science to examine the impacts and "healing" of highly impacted legacy gold mine tailing sites in Nova Scotia. (Oct 2018).
WhiteFeather sampling a puddle in a contaminated legacy gold mine site while Brittany looks on.

Duncan Carruthers-Lay, our Clean Leadership Youth Intern, profiled in the latest Intern Spotlight! (PDF Link) (August 7, 2018)
JPEG of Clean NS profile for Duncan Carruthers-Lay. Link goes to readable PDF file.

Funding from NS Department of Natural Resources Innovation Program and NS Habitat Conservation Fund awarded! Those will support our ongoing invertebrate ecotoxicology & monitoring work to assess & test in-situ gold mine tailing remediation strategies. (June 1, 2018)
Emily & Molly in the lab, looking back to the camera, wearing blue coats

Congratulations to Molly LeBlanc who was voted People's Choice and placed 3rd for her 3MT presentation "Not All That Glitters: Assessing Environmental Effects of Abandoned Gold Mines" in the Three Minute Thesis Eastern Canada Regionals! (Transcript PDF) (April 18, 2018)
Molly LeBlanc presenting her three minute thesis talk, with a slide of an abandoned gold mine impacted wetland above her.

Well done, DEEHR team, for pitching our research at the SMU Research Expo! Link to our research projects poster (jpg). (March 2 2018)
Four people (Sarah, Emily, Anabelle, Shane) standing in front of research poster

Dr. Campbell has started a list of useful aquatic environments videos. Do pass along any good videos and animated GIFs if you know of any! Link. (Sept 2, 2015),

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