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|e-mail| cory.pye(a)
|phone| (902) 420-5654 (Office)
(902) 496-8195 (Lab)
|fax| (902) 496-8104
|regular mail| Dr. Cory Pye 
Department of Chemistry 
Saint Mary's University
923 Robie Street 
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 
B3H 3C3

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My current research interests include the ab initio prediction of the speciation of metal ions in the presence of complexing ligands in aqueous solution; the prediction of the properties of domoic acid, a marine neurotoxin; the prediction of the properties of gas hydrates as found both as a nuisance in the pipeline industry and in nature as a potential hydrocarbon resource. I am also interested in solvation effects and in geometry optimization.

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