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2017 January 18:     Euclid - now with SMU!

A number of Canadian astronomers are joining the Euclid Consortium thanks to the contribution of ground-based CFHT imaging, and I am among them. Check out the Saint Mary’s logo now on the Euclid front page [link here]! It’s been a long road and took many tries (e.g., see here), but we are finally “in”.
2017 March 16:     Dr. Bobby Sorba!

Today Bobby has successfully defended his PhD thesis “Using Model Spectral Energy Distributions to Study Galaxy Masses: Now and in the Future”. Only minor corrections to do as well.  Well done, Dr. Bobby!  (In the photo:  Dr. Sorba with his thesis advisor (left) and external examiner Dr. Adam Muzzin (right).  


2017 March 27:     Subaru International Partnership Workshop

Just back from Mitaka where I gave an invited talk about CLAUDS at the Subaru International Partnership Workshop.  The workshop looked at the idea of expanding Subaru science and partnerships beyond the Japanese community. I think it’s fair to say that CLAUDS provides one attractive model for how to engage the broader astronomical community in Subaru science.