2013 January 14:     Anneya defends her MSc thesis

Anneya successfully defends her MSc thesis, entitled “Blue BX Galaxies Breaking Bad”, in which she investigates the dust properties of these z~2 objects, finding that many of them have interstellar dust that’s different than most people have been assuming thus far.  Congratulations, Anneya!  Next step: PhD!


2013 February 19:     Seminar at Tohoku University

Today I gave a seminar at the Astronomical Institute of Tohoku University. I am spending my sabbatical at Tohoku University, so this was the shortest trip I ever had to do to present a colloquium: in simply involved walking down the hall!  I talked about galaxies at redshift z~2, showing results from my recent work as well those from a forthcoming paper led by Liz. I also showed some very preliminary results from work I am doing currently on galaxy quenching. These generated considerable interest and I am really looking forward to discussion that I will have with several Tohoku colleagues over the next weeks and months on this topic.

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2013 March 7-8:     Visit to IPMU

I spend a couple of days and give a seminar at the Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe in Kashiwa near Tokyo.  Good discussions about wide-field imaging projects and other things.


2013 March 29:     Bobby wins an NSERC PGS-D Scholarship

Group member and PhD student Bobby Sorba wins an NSERC PGS-D Scholarship. Bobby’s scholarship-winning research project is entitled “Galaxy Stellar Mass Estimation Through Pixel-by-Pixel Fitting”.  Well done - and well deserved - Bobby!  


2013 May 8:     CFHT Users’ Meeting

Liz and I attend the CFHT Users’ Meeting in Campbell River, B.C. (photo shows the view from the conference venue).  Liz gives a talk on our recently-submitted paper on the numbers of passive and star-forming galaxies at redshift z~2. Liz’s talk went very well and was well received.  Good job, Liz!


2013 July 19:     Redshift z~2 luminosity and mass functions paper accepted by MNRAS

Our paper on the luminosity and mass functions of passive and star-forming galaxies at z~2 is accepted for publication by MNRAS.  This is Liz’s first paper (congratulations, Liz!) and - for the first time - shows conclusively that the luminosity and mass functions of passive BzK-selected galaxies have a peak at around 1011 solar masses. The paper will be available from MNRAS in due course, and until then you can find it on arXiv.


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2013 July 29:     9th Marseille Cosmology Conference

Just back from the Physical Processes conference in Aix-en-Provence, where I gave a talk on galaxy mortality.  Seems to have been very well received, with lots of interesting discussions afterwards.


2013 September 2:     Back in Halifax

Back in Halifax after a great sabbatical. Excited to be teaching again, and excited about the new ideas, projects and collaborations that developed during my stay in Japan. Best of both worlds, really.


2013 September 24-29:     Off to Hawaii:  IfA colloquium and CFHT SAC

Off to Hawaii. Giving a colloquium at the Institute for Astronomy (IfA) in Manoa and then going to the CFHT Scientific Advisory Council meeting in Waimea on the Big Island.

2013 December 2-3:     WISH Science Meeting in Tokyo

I am attending the WISH science meeting in Tokyo, giving a presentation on the Canadian scientific interests in the mission


2013 November 18:     Bobby attends galaxy structure conference in Chile

Group member and PhD student Bobby Sorba is going to Chile to attend the conference on the structure and morphology of galaxies.  He will be giving a tall on his research into the stellar mass distribution within galaxies


2014 February 2-9:     Massive galaxies in Colorado

I am off to the Aspen Center for Physics to participate in their conference on the Formation of Massive Galaxies.  Giving a talk on the massive galaxies at z~2 and how their quenching is similar to human mortality


2014 February 2-9:     Colloquium at Tufts

Visiting Tufts University to give a colloquium.