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2016 January 12-15:     HSC collaboration meeting in Taipei

I attend the HSC Survey’s all-collaboration meeting at ASIAA in Taiwan and give a talk on the progress of the CLAUDS project.  Good to see great talks from all participants and to hear about the progress the HSC Survey’s making in acquiring its data.

2016 February 4:     All mirrors are in!

As of today all of JWST’s mirror segments have now been installed. See NASA press release here. On schedule for October 2018 launch less than three years away now!

2016 April 1:     Nathalie scores NSERC CGS-M

Nathalie Thibert, who will be joining our research group this September, wins the prestigious Canada Graduate Scholarship.  Well done Nathalie!  And looking forward to your arrival in Halifax.

2016 August 22-26 :     HSC collaboration meeting at IPMU

Anneya and I attend the HSC Survey project meeting at IPMU in Kashiwa-no-ha near Tokyo.  We give a total of four (!) talks between us, updating folks on the progress of the CLAUDS survey; we also make a lot of connections to develop joint science exploitation projects with our HSC colleagues and eat a lot of sushi in the process.  Nota bene: the CLAUDS survey is going great, with >90% of the data in hand now and science verification (number counts, photometric redshifts, galaxy stellar mass functions) showing the data quality is awesome.


2016 September 1:     Welcome Nathalie and Thibaud

Today our research group welcomes two new members:  Ms. Nathalie Tibert and Dr. Thibaud Moutard.  Nathalie comes to us from the University of Western Ontario and is starting her MSc studies. Thibaud recently got his PhD from LAM in Marseille and is joining the group as a post-doc.  Both Nathalie and Thibaud will be working on the CLAUDS+HSC data.   Good to have you with us, Nathalie and Thibaud!