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2015 March 17:     Tiffany wins an ACEnet research fellowship

Tiffany wins an ACEnet research fellowship for the summer of 2015.  These competitive awards, worth $5000, go to the best undergraduate students planning to work in computationally-intensive science areas. Tiffany will be working with PhD student Bobby Sorba and other members of our group on speeding up galaxy SED-fitting with innovative applications of KDtrees.

2015 June 5:     Spiral galaxies have more mass than was previously thought!

Bobby’s paper on the spatially-resolved SED fitting of nearby galaxies is accepted for publication in the MNRAS. This is an important piece of work as it not only uncovers an important systematic in the widely-used method of estimating masses of nearby, and distant, galaxies, but also provides a statistical remedy that shows how to alleviate its effects.


2015 June 8:     Ryan wraps up honours thesis

Ryan dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on his BSc honours thesis entitled Modelling the Properties of High Mass Galaxies at High Redshift.  This caps Ryan’s undergradute degree at SMU.  Congratulations, Ryan. Well done!


2015 July 21:     The 2nd semester of CLAUDS observing is done... 3rd semester about to begin

The last CFHT/MegaCam run of 2015A has just ended and CLAUDS has done well this semester: we got 67 hours of data in the DEEP2-3, ELAIS-N1, and E-COSMOS fields. The coming 2015B semester promises to be even better as we have 85.2 hours in the CFHT queue, 64.8 of these in the top-priority “grade-A” pool.

The image shows a handful of low-z galaxies against a background of distant objects. This is only a tiny fraction of the ~20 square degrees that are being covered by CLAUDS to a depth of U=27AB.

2014 May 4:     Back from China and Japan

I just got back from China and Japan, where I visited colleagues at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and at the Kavli IPMU in Tokyo. Lots of good discussions about the CLAUDS project.

2015 July 27-29:     HSC collaboration meeting

Anneya and I are in Princeton for the HyperSuprimeCam (HSC) survey all-hands meeting.  This was a very exciting gathering as the HSC instrument is now hitting its stride and taking great data.  I presented an update on our CLAUDS survey (which partners with the HSC survey) and there was a lot of enthusiasm from people wanting to use our U-band (near-UV) data in combination with the longer-wavelength HSC observations.

2015 July 29:     Liz Arcila, TV star

Liz was interviewed by CTV News about the PhD thesis research she is doing in our group about ultra-massive passive galaxies.  Click on image to watch the video and find out about Liz’s research!