1. Observational cosmology

  2. Formation and evolution of galaxies

  3. Formation of stars over cosmic time

  4. Photo-z and SED-fitting techniques

I study the formation and evolution of galaxies at epochs when the Universe was only a fraction of its present age. I am particularly interested in where and when the Universe made its stars and the complex chemical elements that we are all made of. In my work I use space-based facilities including the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes, as well as ground-based ones such as the Keck, Gemini, and Magellan observatories in Hawaii and Chile. And after a long wait but quite soon now, I look forward to using the James Webb Space Telescope in this research!

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  1. I regularly teach graduate and undergraduate courses, including cosmology, galaxy formation and evolution, observational astronomy, and 2nd-year physics of periodic systems.

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Marcin Sawicki
Astronomy & Physics


Dr. Marcin Sawicki

Department of Astronomy and Physics

Saint Mary’s University

923 Robie Street

Halifax, NS, B3H 3C3, Canada


tel: [don’t call - send me email]

fax: +1 902 496 8218

office: Atrium 308


2015-July-29: Liz Arcila, TV star. 

Liz was interviewed by CTV News about the PhD thesis research she is doing in our group about ultra-massive passive galaxies.  Click on image to watch the video!

2015-July-28: HSC collaboration meeting

Anneya and I are in Princeton for the HyperSuprimeCam survey all-hands meeting.  This was a very exciting gathering as the HSC instrument is now hitting its stride and taking great data. I presented an update on our CLAUDS survey (which partners with the HSC survey) and there was a lot of enthusiasm from people wanting to use our U-band (near-UV) data in combination with the longer-wavelength HSC observations.

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