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Marcin Sawicki
Astronomy & Physics


I seek to understand how galaxies formed and evolved when the Universe was only a fraction of its present age. My research is currently focused through three key projects:

  1. (1)The 200-hour JWST Guaranteed Time Observer CANUCS program that will let us investigate in detail the inner workings of thousands of low-mass galaxies at Cosmic Noon (z~2) and Cosmic Dawn (z>6).

  1. (2)The 68-night CFHT CLAUDS survey that together with affiliated deep surveys from other telescopes lets us use several million galaxies over a wide redshift range to do enormously large statistical studies of the processes that drive galaxy evolution.  CLAUDS is now joined by its newer sibling, DEUS, which aims to cover 10 sq degrees in the Euclid Deep Field North and study how galaxy properties relate to their location within the high-redshift Cosmic Web.

  1. (3)The GIRMOS AO-fed, multi-IFU spectrograph now under construction by a partnership of Canadian institutions, including Saint Mary’s. GIRMOS will let us do detailed, spatially-resolved studies of 100’s of distant galaxies when commissioned at Gemini-North later this decade.

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I am looking for outstanding young scientists to join our program that will use guaranteed JWST observations and data from other cutting-edge facilities including Subaru’s HyperSuprimeCam, CFHT, and Euclid to learn how galaxies formed in the early universe.

Post-doctoral position: 

I invite applications for a postdoctoral position in the area of galaxy formation and evolution research with JWST guaranteed time applications.  For details see here or visit the AAS job register. Application deadline: 7 January 2022.

Grad student positions: 

I expect to have up to two graduate student positions open for a September 2022 start. If you are a strong Canadian student, please contact me about applying for an NSERC PGS-M graduate scholarship (application deadline: December 1).



2021 October 29:  Public talk on JWST and Canada’s role in it:

This Friday my friend and colleague Rene Doyon is giving the public MacLennan Lecture here at Saint Mary’s.  His topic:  JWST! 

   With launch just a couple of months away, this is going to be a very timely talk.  The event is open to the public - both live and via online streaming - but you need to get a (free) ticket from here: smu.ca/maclennan

2021 October 15:  I go on CBC’s Mainstreet NS to talk about JWST with Jeff Douglas:

My interview with CBC’s Jeff Douglas on Mainstreet NS aired today.  I am excited about the upcoming JWST launch and the Canadian tech onboard that we will be using to obtain ‘pictures of baby galaxies’.  Click here to listen.

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