1. Observational cosmology

  2. Formation and evolution of galaxies

  3. Formation of stars over cosmic time

  4. Photo-z and SED-fitting techniques

I study the formation and evolution of galaxies at epochs when the Universe was only a fraction of its present age. I am particularly interested in where and when the Universe made its stars and the complex chemical elements that we are all made of. In my work I use space-based facilities including the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes, as well as ground-based ones such as the Keck, Gemini, and Magellan observatories in Hawaii and Chile.

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  1. ASTR5600 Cosmology

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The CFHT Large Area U-band Deep Survey (CLAUDS) is awarded time on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. During 60 nights spanning the next two years we plan to use CFHT’s MegaCam to take very deep U-band images of the ~25 square degrees of the Subaru HyperSuprimeCam Survey’s “Deep Layer”. CLAUDS shares observing time  from Canada, France, and China to take images that will have an unprecedented combination of depth and area at this wavelength. Combining the CLAUDS U-band images with the Subaru dataset will allow the selection of star-forming galaxies at z~2-3, measurements of rest-UV SFRs at z<1, and will greatly improve photometric redshift performance that’s key in almost all galaxy-evolution studies. The volume and depth of the universe probed will be enormous and will enable us to study the evolution of the galaxy population in detail in many slices of redshift, luminosity, mass (stellar and dark matter halo), environment, and rudimentary morphology.

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The research of our group is supported financially by NSERC, the Canadian Space Agency, ACEnet, and Saint Mary’s University.

Marcin Sawicki
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