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Marcin Sawicki
Astronomy & Physics



    Dr. Marcin Sawicki   

    Saint Mary’s University

    923 Robie Street

    Halifax, NS, B3H 3C3, Canada

    email: marcin.sawicki@smu.ca

    office: Atrium Building 319D

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I am looking for two outstanding young astronomers to join our 200-hour “CANUCS” Guaranteed Time Observer program on JWST. These fellows will focus on preparing for, processing, and analyzing JWST CANUCS data on distant galaxies behind five gravitationally-lensing clusters (including Abell370, seen in the HST image above; credit: NASA).  The job ad can be found on the AAS job register here. Applications are due by 2021 January 8.

I also welcome externally-funded post-doctoral fellows (NSERC, Banting, JSPS, Marie Curie, FRQ, and CITA Canada / CITA National) to join our JWST GTO program or carry out other research on galaxy formation and evolution.

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I am interested in how galaxies formed and evolved when the Universe was only a fraction of its present age. My research is currently focused through three key projects:

  1. (1)The 200-hour JWST Guaranteed Time Observer CANUCS program that will let us investigate in detail the inner workings of thousands of low-mass galaxies at Cosmic Noon (z~2) and Cosmic Dawn (z>6).

  1. (2)The 68-night CFHT CLAUDS survey (Sawicki+2019), which together with Subaru’s HSC Survey lets us use several million galaxies over a wide redshift range to do enormously large statistical studies of the processes that drive galaxy evolution.

  1. (3)The GIRMOS AO-fed, multi-IFU spectrograph now under construction by a partnership of Canadian institutions, including Saint Mary’s. GIRMOS will let us do detailed, spatially-resolved studies of 100’s of distant galaxies when commissioned at Gemini-North later this decade.

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