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Marcin Sawicki
Canada Research Chair in Astronomy


I seek to understand how galaxies formed and evolved when the Universe was only a fraction of its present age. My research is focused through three key projects:

  1. (1)The massive, 200-hour JWST Guaranteed Time Observations CANUCS program that will let us investigate in detail the inner workings of thousands of low-mass galaxies at Cosmic Noon (z~2) and Cosmic Dawn (z>6). With the successful JWST launch on December 25th, our CANUCS data will start flowing in late summer 2022! 

  1. (2)The 68-night CFHT CLAUDS survey that together with affiliated deep surveys from other telescopes lets us use several million galaxies over a wide redshift range to do enormously large statistical studies of the processes that drive galaxy evolution.  CLAUDS is now joined by its newer sibling, DEUS, which aims to cover 10 sq degrees in the Euclid Deep Field North and study how galaxy properties relate to their location within the high-redshift Cosmic Web.

  1. (3)The GIRMOS AO-fed, multi-IFU spectrograph now under construction by a partnership of Canadian institutions, including our team at Saint Mary’s. GIRMOS will let us do detailed, spatially-resolved studies of 100’s of distant galaxies when commissioned at Gemini-North later this decade.

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2022 May 15: Welcome... and welcome back:  Katherine and Lukas join the team... and Bobby rejoins!

Two new faces and one familiar one are joining our group for the summer:

     Katherine Myers and Lukas Donovan will be working on galaxy-evolution projects related to upcoming JWST data as NSERC USRA summer students (welcome to the team, Katherine and Lukas -- and congratulations on winning the prestigious USRA awards!).

     Meanwhile, former group member Dr. Robert Sorba is rejoining for the summer to spearhead our work related to the planned CASTOR space telescope.  CASTOR is the #1 priority for Canadian space astronomy and is now starting its Phase-0 development stage funded by the Canadian Space Agency.

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