Sky Conditions at the Abbey Ridge Observatory

Most Recent Cloud Status:VERYCLOUDY at 2021-05-13 02:23:30
Most Recent Cloud Sensor Values:Sky Reading= 12.0, Air Temperature= 10 DegC

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Historical Cloud Sensor Data

The present time is on the left of the graph and the past is towards the right. The green bar graph indicates the sky condition (solid green is GOOD!): 40=CLEAR, 30=CLOUDY, 20=VERYCLOUDY, 10=WET (rain/snow), and 0=ERROR or DATA NOT AVAILABLE. The blue line indicates the cloud sensor's reading (35-'reading'+25). Higher numbers mean clear skies, lower numbers mean clouds. Note that the sensor is quite "blind" to high thin clouds. When the sensor is wet, the blue line is set to 0, since the sensor reading is meaningless. The data originates from a AAG Cloudwatcher plus some custom programs and scripts running on the observatory PC and a Linux box.

The statistics were last updated Thursday, 13 May 2021 at 2:25

`Daily' Graph (5 Minute Average)

Max Average Current
 Sky State: 40.0   26.0   20.0  
 Sky Reading: 32.0   15.0   12.0  

`Weekly' Graph (30 Minute Average)

Max Average Current
 Sky State: 40.0   28.0   20.0  
 Sky Reading: 34.0   16.0   13.0  

`Monthly' Graph (2 Hour Average)

Max Average Current
 Sky State: 40.0   28.0   40.0  
 Sky Reading: 37.0   18.0   30.0