Science Friday

"Science Friday" is an organized day of science for grade 8 students.  Each group get to explore a presentation held in various departments of Saint Mary's University Science Department.  This past summer included sessions from Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Psychology, Engineering, Geology, Geography, and Forensics.  Each session is a fun educational experience that exposes junior high students to the many branches of science they can persue in both high school or at a secondary level. 

The "Dr. Adam Sarty Physics Show"

These shows are tailored to suit the age of the students. A show for elementary students is fast-paced and entertaining. Professor Sarty takes familiar objects (magnets and bicycle wheels, for instance) and reveals the unexpected within them. It seems like magic, but it’s not... it’s physics! The focus is on generating excitement about physics and about science in general.

A show for high school students has the entertaining demonstrations, but also offers information useful to any student who is considering applying to university in the near future. “What do you need physics for? What is a university physics course like? What can you do with a degree in physics?”...these are questions that Dr. Sarty will answer in this added discussion section.  Dr.Sarty implements the use of clickers to keep the students interested and actively participating throughout the show.

More information on the Physics shows can be found here.

Here are a few of the Physics Demonstrations performed during the "Dr. Adam Sarty's Physics Show."


This demonstration uses the Van der Graaff generator and pie plates to show how like charges repel.


This rail gun uses electromagnetic induction in a metal ring to launch the ring in the air.


A tube and a fan create a moving stream of air that keeps a light ball suspended in mid-air, giving evidence for one the other predictions of Bernoulli's equation.

 More Astronomy/Physics Demonstrations can be found by visiting the SMU Physics and Astronomy Demonstration Website

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