There is a new App available for beta testing for Windows, MacOS, and Android (phones and tablets). This app allows observers to: 

  • Show public messages sent by the observatory
  • Show private observer messages sent to and from the observatory
  • Send private observer messages to the observatory and receive replies typically within a few seconds
    • All usual #hashtag commands can be used (see Basic and Advanced commands).
    • Plain text commands can also be used for common commands.
    • With the Android version, you can talk to the observatory and it talks back!
  • Access observatory web pages (queues, etc.) using the built-in web browser.
  • Browse web links in message replies and in public and private messages using the built in web browser.

Download, Installation and Setup:

Installers for Windows and MacOS are here. The Android version is available from the Play Store. Once installed, follow these App Setup instructions. A YouTube Tutorial walks you through the install and setup process. And this YouTube Tutorial shows how to use the App.

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