Dave Lane's March 24, 1997 Lunar Eclipse Movies and Images!

On the night of March 23/24, 1997 Shawn Mitchell and I imaged the partial lunar eclipse at 5 minute intervals starting before umbral contact and well past maximum eclipse. A total of 40 images were taken.

 Location: These images were taken at the Burke-Gaffney Observatory at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (Lat=45N - Long=63W).

 Equipment used: Tele Vue Pronto (70mm aperture) refractor coupled to an SBIG ST8 CCD Camera (gives about a 1.75 degree field of view) piggy-backed onto the observatory's 0.41m Cassegrain telescope which is controlled by Earth Centered Universe. These images will be used for educational projects by the Hands On Universe program and Adler Planetarium.

 The moon was so bright that (if you believe it or not) we had to use a Thousand Oaks Solar Filter!!! Nothing else handy dimmed the Moon sufficiently. That's why they are fuzzy -- we believe that the images registered from radiation in the near-infrared, which the refractor would have focused differently from visible light (needless to say we will be testing that filter!).

 Three movies are available at different brightness scalings:
(make sure you set your movie player to show all the frames. Some players skip frames!)

Here are the 40 images (postage-stamp sized, auto-brightness scaled):

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