Dr. Rituparna  Kanungo                                        

Professor of Physics and Affiliate Scientist, TRIUMF

Astronomy and Physics
Saint Mary’s University

Office : Atrium 312

Email : ritu@triumf.ca, rituparna.kanungo@smu.ca






Research :


Experimental subatomic physics


       --- Exotic forms of nuclear isotopes: halo, skin      

       --- Change of shell structure in exotic nuclei

       --- Nuclear excitations

       --- Synthesis of elements in nature


Nuclei, that make up 99% of our body weight, are the core of all matter around us and the driving fuel for the stars. I find it fascinating to explore the properties of these tiny (~10-15 m ) objects that have led to the creation of our  lives. How, why and where did oxygen, carbon that are necessary for our lives be created in nature ? It turns out that most of the nuclear species that we find on our earth today were created in the core of exploding stars, like the supernova. In this creation process are involved nuclei that have very usual properties than what we find on our earth. My research involves re-creating these species in our laboratories and inducing further reactions with them. Accelerated beams of such species are called radioactive ion beams (RIB).


Reactions with RIB that I pursue at the accelerator centers are, reactions to determine radii and density of a nucleus that allows us to discover exotic phenomena such as nuclear halo and skin.  Knockout and transfer reactions to study nucleon arrangements from which we have discovered new magic numbers and a new view of nucleon arrangement inside nuclei. Inelastic scattering experiments to study the discover new energy levels and excitation phenomena. Reaction rates by transfer reactions can provide information relevant for nucleosynthesis.


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Nature 459, 1069-1070

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