Fluid Dynamics

Saint Mary's University, Halifax, NS

Winter, 2021




announcements (as of apr. 23, 2021)

PHYS 4380 is currently closed and is not scheduled to be re-offered in the 2021-22 academic year.

As one of the department's "enrichment courses", this course is offered only on student demand. Third year students wishing to take this course in their fourth year should make this known to the department chair in the early fall of their third year, so that teaching assignments can include it for the following year.



Prof. David Clarke
AT 311



If you think you need Quantum Mechanics or Relativity to find counter-intuitive physics, have a look at this...

What if I then told you that reversing the air flow on this device to a full vacuum could not support as much weight as air blowing out?

If this strikes you as bizarre, you might consider taking a course in fluid dynamics!