What's A Nodal Plane?!

I took it out, the text that I adore,
Opened it up, put my feet on the floor,
Correlation diagrams, antibonding, bonding lore
CA is plus minus CB,

Right about then, started making sense to me,
Aufbau, Hund, Pauli apply you see,
There is a difference between sigma and pi, what the hell is delocalized p,
My friends say I should study hard,
What's a nodal plane, What's a nodal plane,

You take an s, and a bunch of p's,
Make hybrids now, direct your lobe at me,
With this you can interpret, IR and NMR
Phosphorescence, shine your light on me,

Right about then, started making sense to me,
Conjugated systems, photochemistry
Buckyball and nanotubes are allotropes, UV rays will get to me,
Ozone gone, greenhouse effect,
What's a troposphere, what's a stratosphere

Repeat Chorus 1, Chorus 2, Chorus 1 removing last clause of each

What's A Nodal Plane?! (click to download)