We Didn't Start the Fire

System, Process, Surroundings, State
Open, Closed, Isolate,
Thermodynamics, reversible,
Extensive, intensive, irreversible,
Equilibrium is fun,
Enthalpy a state function,
Extensive and intensive properties,
Work and heat, if you please

We didn't start the fire,
It was Count Rumford, Joule and Watt,
If you supply internal energy,
Heat capacity means it gets hot.

Bomb calorimeter, first law, see,
Specific heat capacity,
Ideal gases, delta E is
3/2 nR delta T,
exothermic, endothermic,
isothermal makes me sick,
isochoric, isobaric,
don't forget adiabatic,
formation enthalpy,
and bond enthalpy,
Hess's Law, energy store,
I can't take it any more


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