You went to school to learn, girl, things you never never knew before,
Like activities and their coefficients, solids and liquids not in K anymore, now, now
Partition coefficients used for extraction, do some column chromatography,
Stationary and mobile phases, GC and TLC

Ksp, its easy as 1,2,3, as simple as do re mi, Ksp, 1,2,3, baby, school is for you, girl
Chorus (repeat)

Solution saturated, recrystallize 'till its pure,
Determine the solubility, Ksp it tells you for sure, now, now, now

Solubility products will give you some info, precipitation about to occur,
Common ion effect makes more of it happen, change the pH, give it a stir, now, now,
Professor is gonna show you, how to get an A,
metals make complex ions, formation constants, OK, now hey hey

Chorus x 2

Ksp (click to download)