I Shook It All Night Long

It was my final year, and the solution was clear,
So I added some acid, but the solution stayed placid,

Then I tried some base, just in case the pH
Mattered at all, but the reaction was stalled

Tried to cool it down, as I observed with a frown,
Then I accomplished the feat, when I turned up the heat

And the flask started shaking, precipitate was quaking
My mind was aching, products I was making, and then

Chorus: I shook it all night long, I shook it all night long

(The rate) it doubled when the concentration did the same,
First order kinetics, half-life of a day,

Write a mechanism, supports the rate law, you see
Uni-, bi-, or termolecular, it's elementary,

Rate-determining step, steady-state approximation,
Chain reacts, initiation, propagation, termination,

Transition state, and energies of activation,
Diffusion-controlled, catalysis and inhibition,

Chorus x 2, solo, chorus x 2

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