I Disappear

Hey, hey, hey, is it polar covalent, ionic? I don't know,
Hey, hey, hey, Mulliken electro-negativity,
Lewis dots, complete octet, I'm suffering
Hey hey hey, Coulomb-stabilized.

Hey, hey, hey, study bond lengths and orders, energies too
Hey, hey, hey, octet rule, lone pairs and bonds too
Single, double, triple, formal charge,
Hey, hey, hey, expanded octets rule!

Can you see me when I'm gone, I'm a resonance hybrid, here
You write several Lewis forms, but in truth, all of them disappear!

Hey, hey, hey, dipole moments, am I polar or non polar?
Hey, hey, hey, VSEPR Theory, tell me what shape am I.
Linear, tetrahedral, see-saw
Hey hey hey, oxidation number, used in naming me.

Chorus x 2, break, chorus x 2

I Disappear (click to download)