Write your half-reactions, balance, H and Os, then
Electron's ripped and torn away,

Cancel by multiplication, disproportionation,
Batteries are here to stay,

Smashing through the boundary, voltmeter has found me,
Anode, cathode, battery
Pounding out some current, opposing volts deterrent,
Anode, cathode, battery
Cannot kill the current, batteries are made by me, battery, battery

Salt bridge connects the half cells, voltage begins to swell,
Obeys the laws of Faraday,

Tables of potentials, combine for voltage of your cell,
Delta G is minus nFE,


Glass electrode, calomel, pH meter, let's make a
powerhouse of energy

Leclanche and alkaline, lead-acid and ni-cads,
Let's create a battery.


Alternate final verse
Oxide passivation, sacrificial anode,
Corrosion stopped, can't you see

Galvanic and electrolytic, make hydrogen and oxygen,
Apply a voltage, bubbles, whee!


Battery (click to download)