Observatory Statistics

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The observatory current status is: I am waiting for the sky to clear...

Year and Month
Full Year

Statistics for 2021:

Completed observations:2,494
Number of active observers:94
Number of new observers:77
Total exposure time:783,686 seconds (217.7 hours)
Average exposure time per request:314 seconds (5.24 minutes)
Longest exposure time in a single request:13,440 seconds (224.00 minutes)
Shortest exposure time in a single request:0.002 seconds (0.00 minutes)
Number of nights with observations:93
Average number of observations per night:26

Object Types Observed:

Object TypeCount
Star 177
Galaxy 535
Globular Cluster 49
Open Cluster 52
Nebula 40
Planetary Nebula 37
Other Deep Sky 57
symbol solar system 9
Double Star 2
Variable Star 854
Moon 10
Planet 26
Comet 321
Asteroid 204
Dark Nebula 1
Cluster in Nebula 65
Nebula in Galaxy 1
Supernova Remnant 39
Live Observation Session15

Monthly Summary:

Observations Completed1862276191323601859033301361002494
Nights with observations881861894110110093