Burke-Gaffney Observatory - Observation ID 8205

Important Notice: The main CCD camera is out for repair. Available filters with STXL-11002 camera are now: CLR,LUM,RED,GRN,BLU,B,V,I.

This observation was taken by our Planewave CDK24 telescope automatically.

Completed Observation Information:

Date Requested:2019-05-19
Date Taken (night of):2019-05-22
Request ID:8205
Observer:Elvio Sadun (Email)
Observer Affiliation:
Object Name:M27
Object Type:Planetary Nebula
Observer Comment:
Exposure (seconds):113.4
JPEG Image:click here
FITS Image:click here
Focus Offset:0
Position Offset
(RA,Dec - % of field):

A size-reduced image: