Burke-Gaffney Observatory - Completed Observations

The observations listed below were taken by our Planewave CDK24 telescope automatically, as requested by Ainsley Leonard-Harding (by Facebook).

The observatory current status is: I am waiting for it to get dark...

Number of Observations for Ainsley Leonard-Harding: 7

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Date Taken
(night of)
Request IDObject NameObject TypeCatalogObserver CommentExposure (s)Filter
2017-03-242017-03-263608M101Galaxy SAC300LUM
2017-03-192017-03-233558M101Galaxy SAC300BLU
2017-03-192017-03-233557M101Galaxy SAC300GRN
2017-03-142017-03-183432NGC6820Cluster in Nebula SAC300HA
2017-03-142017-03-173426M101Galaxy SAC300RED
2017-03-112017-03-123349M1Supernova Remnant SAC120OIII
2017-03-112017-03-123348M42Cluster in Nebula SAC180HA

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