A proxy server allows you to surf the web as if you were on campus. This allows you to access journals from home or when traveling that are only available from on campus. Do not use it for accessing steaming services from abroad!

The settings for the server are as follows:

server or address: pluto.smu.ca
port: 3128
username: (as provided to you)
password: (as provided to you)

  1. Firefox
    • Use menu at upper right corner and choose "Options"
    • Either scroll to bottom and look for "Network Settings"
    • Set manual proxy configuration and enter the details above for both HTTP and HTTPS protocols (check box or fill both lines).
    • You will be prompted for the username/password.
  2. Safari
    • From "Safari" menu, choose "Preferences"
    • Select the "Advanced" tab and press the "Proxies -> Change settings" button
    • Check both Web Proxy and SSL Web Proxy and enter the details)
  3. Windows 10 (Chrome and Edge)
    • From Windows search (next to start menu) type "Proxy" and choose the "Change proxy settings"
    • Scroll down to "Manual proxy setup" and enable "Use a proxy server"
    • Enter the details above and press the "Save" button

It is recommended that you only enable this when you need Journal access as it will be slower (because all traffic is routed through SMU) and don't make these changes to your office computer as this just adds unnecessary load on server pluto. Also, all your access is logged by your username and you may not want that!

If you need help or have problems, ask Dave Lane.

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