To access your SMU Astronomy and Physics email account via the iMap protocol from your windows, mac, or linux or smart phone or tablet use the settings below. I have give you settings for the Mozilla Thunderbird email program, but others will be similar.

If you encounter problems after trying to follow these instructions, ask Dave Lane for help.

Receiving Mail

  • Server Type: IMAP Mail Server
  • Server Name:
  • Server Port: 993
  • User Name: <your linux user name>
  • Security Settings
    • Connection security: SSL/TLS
    • Authentication method: Normal password

Note: when entering your email address use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When your are prompted for a password, use your linux account's password.

Sending Mail

  • Description: SMU A/P Outgoing Email
  • Server Name:
  • Port: 587
  • Security and Authentication
    • Connection security: STARTTLS
    • Authentication method: Normal password
    • User Name: <your linux user name>

Note: When your are prompted for a password, use your linux account's password.

Connecting for the First Time

The first time you connect to check for email, you will be presented with a security warning (like that shown below) indicating that the server has an "Unknown Identity". This warning is normal and completely safe - it just means the certificate which secures the server is self-signed by us (vs. being verified and digitally-signed by a certificate authority trusted by the web browser).

When prompted, just press the "Confirm Security Exception" button (with the "Permanently store this exception" checked).

When sending email for the first time, the same thing will happen - just repeat the process.


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