The schedule of upcoming Public Open Houses is available on the observatory's page at the Astronomy Nova Scotia website.

Since our capacity is limited, to attend you must reserve a ticket online.


Free Public Open Houses are scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month, except from June through September when they are usually scheduled every Friday.

They generally begin at 7 pm between November 1 and March 30 and at 8 pm or later (depending on when it gets dark enough) between April 1 and October 31.


Meet in the lobby (next to the residence desk and the Art Gallery) of the Loyola Residence Building. A campus map is here. The Loyola Residence is marked LR on the map. Here is also a link to a Google Map.

If you are late you may miss out — we have to escort you through a secure access door to reach the observatory.


They generally last one to two hours and involve looking at various astronomical objects through the telescope and discussing the nature of these objects.

We also use a fenced-in Observation Deck on the roof of the building to show you the constellations or objects in one of our smaller portable telescopes. 

These events are suitable for about ages 8 and up.

Open Houses are not held on cloudy or rainy nights. Always call the information line at 902-496-8257 (and press 1) two hours before the scheduled time to find out if the event is on or off.

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