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You can request that your own astronomical images be taken by the observatory using either our Twitter or Email interface!

In order to do so, you have to first become an authorized observer. After you are authorized, see either our Twitter Help or Email Help pages to get started.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Email interface is restricted to students taking SMU astronomy courses and those previously approved by the Observatory Director. Please do not request authorization by email unless you are in one of these two groups. Use the Twitter interface instead.

To become authorized:

  • Using Twitter: send a tweet like the examples shown below. Don't just copy the example text! Tell us:
    • your full name
    • where you are located
    • why you want to use the observatory

@smubgobs #authorize I am Suzie Stargazer and I need to the use the BGO for my ASTR1100 course.

@smubgobs #authorize I am John Smith from Toronto and am interested cool technology and astronomy.

@smubgobs #authorize I am Jane Skywalker, a teacher and I want to share images with my students.

  • Using Email: 
    • send an email to:
    • put the word #listentome in the subject line
    • in the email body include text like that shown below all on one line. Don't just copy the example text! Tell us
      • your full name
      • where you are located
      • and why you want to use the observatory

#authorize I am James Einstein and I need to use BGO for my ASTR2100 project.

A human will review your request and get back to you. Note that if you request authorization from both the Twitter and Email interfaces, each is considered a different observer.

After you become authorized, you will interact with the observatory using either Twitter or EMail - see the menu items at right for more information. For lists of Submitted and Completed Observations and a list of Authorized Observers, see the Queues and Observers menu at right.

To get help, use the #human command. We also have a Robotic Imaging at BGO/ARO Facebook group to share your observations and get help.

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