I like to teach physics.  As a practicing experimental nuclear physicist, I get to teach some fun, meaty courses (like quantum mechanics) and I get to teach some courses that are fun because they're for people new to physics (like introductory modern physics) and I get to teach some courses that change every year because experiments are like that (like experimental physics).  

I am also interested in physics education research.  If you want to learn more, try starting here at the American Association of Physics Teachers, or the DPE of the CAP.

I am the proud winner of the 2019 Father William A. Stewart SJ Medal for Excellence in Teaching.  You can learn about the award (and see about nominating one of your excellent profs) here.  

In the 2019/2020 academic year, I'll be teaching PHYS 4500 (Quantum Mechanics II) and PHYS 3600 (Experimental Physics) in the fall and PHYS 1500 (Introduction to Modern Physics) and PHYS 2150 (Thermodynamics) in the winter.  I look forward to seeing you there!  If you want to know more about those courses, you can follow the links in the "Courses" menu.

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