I am a physicist interested in problems in nuclear structure.  Nuclei have internal structures just like atoms or molecules.  They can be in excited states and release excess energy via the emission of a gamma ray (which is a form of electromagnetic radiation like light or radio waves, but with much greater energy).  I am a gamma-ray spectroscopist.  I enjoy learning about nuclei from the gamma rays that they emit.  I also sometimes learn about them from the particles that they emit. 

I have a gamma detector in my lab here at Saint Mary's.  Most of my research just now involves experiments that use accelerated atoms.  Those experiments happen off-campus at places like TRIUMF, Texas A&M, or GANIL.  Some of my research includes the recent M.Sc. thesis work of Andrew Valencik; that's another kettle of fish again, exploring a big dataset. 

My Erdös-Bacon-Sabbath number is 12.

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