1. Observational cosmology

  2. Formation and evolution of galaxies

  3. Formation of stars over cosmic time

  4. Photo-z and SED-fitting techniques

I study the formation and evolution of galaxies at epochs when the Universe was only a fraction of its present age. I am particularly interested in where and when the Universe made its stars and the complex chemical elements that we are all made of. In my work I use space-based facilities including the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes, as well as ground-based ones such as the Keck, Gemini, and Magellan observatories in Hawaii and Chile. And after a long wait but quite soon now, I look forward to using the James Webb Space Telescope in this research!

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  1. I regularly teach graduate and undergraduate courses, including cosmology, galaxy formation and evolution, observational astronomy, and 2nd-year physics of periodic systems.

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Marcin Sawicki
Astronomy & Physics


Dr. Marcin Sawicki

Department of Astronomy and Physics

Saint Mary’s University

923 Robie Street

Halifax, NS, B3H 3C3, Canada


tel: [don’t call - send me email]

fax: +1 902 496 8218

office: Atrium 308


2016 September 1:     Welcome Nathalie and Thibaud

Today our research group welcomes two new members:  Ms. Nathalie Tibert and Dr. Thibaud Moutard.  Nathalie comes to us from the University of Western Ontario and is starting her MSc studies. Thibaud recently got his PhD from LAM in Marseille and is joining the group as a post-doc.  Both Nathalie and Thibaud will be working on the CLAUDS+HSC data.   Great to have you with us, Nathalie and Thibaud!

2016 Aug 22-26 :     HSC collaboration meeting at IPMU

Anneya and I attend the HSC Survey project meeting at IPMU in Kashiwa-no-ha near Tokyo.  We give a total of four (!) talks between us, updating folks on the progress of the CLAUDS survey; we also make a lot of connections to develop joint science exploitation projects with our HSC colleagues and eat a lot of sushi in the process.  Nota bene: the CLAUDS survey is going great, with >90% of the data in hand now and science verification (number counts, photometric redshifts, galaxy stellar mass functions) showing the data quality is awesome.


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